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Aerpas Drones

Aerpas Drones specialise in aerial photography, videography and video production, providing our services to a diverse range of customers nationwide. We have invested in the most cutting-edge remote pilot aircraft systems in order to deliver a service that is second to none. We can deliver you unedited raw footage or an edited final product, depending on your requirements.

The team at Aerpas Drones comprises of fully trained and licensed commercial pilots dedicated to following the highest possible standards with regards to safety and reliability.

Aerial Photography

We can take high resolution aerial images using our cutting edge equipment. This is an ideal low-cost alternative to capturing images using costly full-sized helicopters. Through working on numerous projects we have built up a strong reputation for the quality of our aerial imagery and our dedication to customer care.

Aerial Videography

Aerpas Drones have produced a variety of stunning high-quality aerial videos for a diverse range of clients. We have a skilled team of fully trained commercial pilots ensuring that all video captured is steady and of good quality. As with our aerial photography, this is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods using helicopters and mounted cameras. We can provide the raw aerial footage or can work with you to produce a fully edited video production.

Video Production

At Aerpas Drones we view video production as a collaborative medium which is why we work very closely with highly talented teams from all over Ireland. Working together with talented freelancers allows us to scale our team to suit our client’s requirements and budgets.

Likewise, if you're a video production company looking to collaborate on your latest project and to expand your team to include aerial filming experts, we have years of experience working with media production companies to provide raw footage and images, tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Clients

Aerpas Drones have completed projects for numerous well-respected clients, including:

" Love working with these guys - on to the next collaboration! "

Dermot Malone – Director, Banjoman

Aerpas Drones

" These guys are THE professionals and produce only the best! They get all the permits necessary to get the perfect shot and are passionate about what they do. Loved working with these guys. "

Sinead Geraghty – Business Owner

Aerpas Drones

" Paul has captured stunning footage for us whenever we've worked together and is both professional and easy deal with. "

Philip Donegan – Producer, Videobase

Aerpas Drones

Aerpas Drones

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